Fixing a disconnected Samsung HW-F450 Wireless Subwoofer

I had a hard time of fruitless Googling trying to find how to fix my subwoofer. Turns out it’s very easy. Here you go. You’re welcome.

In case the URL goes bad one day, turn off the sound bar, plug in the subwoofer, stick a paperclip into the “ID Set” hole on the subwoofer and hold for five seconds,  then press the mute button on the remote for five seconds, then power up the sound bar.

4 thoughts on “Fixing a disconnected Samsung HW-F450 Wireless Subwoofer”

  1. is there anyway to do it if you don’t have a remote? my remote was lost and my girlfriend moved something. Now my sub woofer is not working.

    1. There is a way to reconnect. Mine never reconnect and I have to do it everyday. Annoying. I think there is a problem with mine. This is the process.

      1. Turn the soundbar off.
      2. Insert a straightened paper clip through the reset hole (behind below the label)
      3. Notice the blue led blinking rapidly.
      4. Now turn on the soundbar. It should reconnect.

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