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I love creatively combining systems to make useful things happen. I've provided leadership for the design, development, and testing of complex projects spanning software, hardware, networking and protocol, application development, and even government approvals and security analysis. My sweet spot is contributing to, maintaining, and championing the vision of a project. I help domain experts do the best things they can by fostering communication and clear decision-making. And I ensure that leadership has the information they need to provide guidance and support.


Garmin International 2007-06-06 — present

Software Engineering Manager - Cloud Services

The Aviation segment of Garmin designs, develops, manufactures, and markets industry-leading hardware and software, providing navigation, communication, connectivity, and information products and services to numerous aviation markets.


  • Provided leadership for an entirely new aviation wireless connectivity project by coordinating geographically and functionally diverse teams, helping set and maintain vision, and keeping schedules and responsibilities well-communicated
  • Reshaped Garmin's aviation database delivery into cloud-based, browser-driven process, and upon that foundation, later built a new set of delivery processes
  • Created and/or led internal projects to improve customer support, internal communication and coordination, and test and development tools
  • Executive Cyber Security Review board member; GDPR Steering Committee member

Simply Retail, Inc. 2005-03-01 — 2007-06-01

VP, Production and Technology

A “healthcare retail” consultancy and management company, Simply Retail helped hospitals nationwide apply retail, environmental, and design principles to help transform the traditional “gift shop” retail approach into a more integrated, patient-focused, and profitable endeavor.


  • Coordinated all telecom and IT for this startup company
  • Implemented collaborative process enabling team members to contribute content to digitally printed product assembled on a very fast turnaround
  • Contributed to contract negotiation with vendors and healthcare institutions

Digital Cyclone, Inc. 2000-01-01 — 2002-01-01

Internet Programmer

Digital Cyclone created My-Cast, a novel weather product providing very localized forecasting and personalized weather imagery. This was originally delivered via the web and through paid affiliates. Heavily impacted by the “Dot-com Bubble”, the company moved to the fledgling mobile space, succeeded, and was later bought by Garmin.


  • Designed, programmed, and maintained a number of websites, including with over 300,000 registered users
  • Provided quick and cordial troubleshooting and technical assistance for affiliates across the nation
  • Created documentation tailored to multiple audiences, including highly technical, media, certification, and general public

Northwest Computer Services 1992-01-01 — 2000-01-01

Production Manager

A local (print industry) service bureau originally focused on imagesetting and computer repair services that we grew to include desktop publishing, training, internet, and high-end image and color services. As the print industry changed, Northwest Computer adapted and now specializes in various kinds of digital printing.


  • Managed and trained staff concerning all software and production
  • Provided fast, innovative help under sometimes absurd time constraints
  • Solved challenging print issues before mainstream software provided tools

Normandale Community College 1987-09-01 — 1988-06-01


Brown Institute 1990-09-01 — 1991-06-01

Advertising Design

Business Communication

  • Requirements
  • Analysis, Data Science
  • Executive Summaries

System Architecture

  • Component Analysis
  • Interface Design
  • Risk Assessment

Web Development

  • Web Services
  • Containers, Docker

Data Visualization

  • UI/UX
  • Graphics Tools, Adobe Suite
  • D3, Processing, Analytics


  • Raspi, Microprocessors
  • Building and hacking things


  • Infosec, BSides
  • Locksport

Ken is very dependable and can be trusted to work independently to meet the needs of a wide array of customers.

— Supervisor

…great work coordinating and communicating across the organization. [Ken has] the ability to get the right people in the room in order to build consensus and come up with a plan to proceed.

— Sr. Leadership (anonymous from '360 Assessment')

I hear time and again my folks say “I really like Ken Martin”, “Ken is so helpful”, “Ken is creative”, and other niceties about Ken. For me, I’ve worked with Ken for the better part of a decade, every interaction is consistent – positive and solution oriented.

— Leadership

Ken is a fantastic manager, he is in the trenches every day getting things done technically and management-wise. He knows how to get the best out of his team and how to juggle many things at once.

— Direct Report

Ken is very good at giving his employees the support they need to do their jobs, and trusts them to do the job correctly without direct supervision. He does a great job of orchestrating all of the high level pieces of the multiple projects he's overseeing at any given moment in such a way that his people almost always have a clear path forward. If there isn't a clear path forward, he's quick to find one. Finally, he's a natural and patient communicator who knows how to get people to work together. He leads resolution of conflict between competing ideas in a rational way such that all interested parties usually leave the discussion believing that the result was fair and/or correct.

— Peer (anonymous from '360 Assessment')

Great energy and willingness to attack difficult business and product issues.

— Sr. Leadership (anonymous from '360 Assessment')

Very patient… Very kind… Consensus builder… Joyful… Peacemaker… Humble… Servant attitude and actions… Good communicator… Good organizer

— Sr. Leadership (anonymous from '360 Assessment')