The City Pages and the Maplewood City Council hullabaloo


Local weekly newspaper *City Pages* has [an article about the Maplewood City Council][1] happenings. It’s a nice summary of the view of some. It’s not terribly balanced, but that doesn’t make for as easily interesting writing. It’s good to have the topic brought up, though. And I hope concerned Maplewood citizens study up on what’s going on. The City Pages’ article basically falls in line with the other media outlets I’ve noted in my commentary – Lillie Press and KSTP-TV – and with the the active critics of the “Gang of Three” manifest in places like and “What’s Left of Maplewood”.

Sidenote: Even writing the phrase “Gang of Three” is terribly funny to me. The above noted critics and media are simply an echo chamber of their own snappy moniker, and now “[the current Maplewood City Council majority have] effectively become a ruling troika, in the process earning the nickname.”

**Anyway, welcome visitors!** I don’t live in Maplewood. I don’t know any of the folks on the city council other than what you see here in the comments, and a couple of email exchanges concerning my posts. I simply saw one little article in a local weekly newspaper which seemed obviously slanted and [I commented on it](

Over the following months it became terribly interesting to me and I posted a lot. I’m a pretty conservative guy, which might not sit well with some visitors coming via *City Pages*, but I think that if you’re interested enough to look, you’ll see my commentary isn’t necessarily putting forward a conservative agenda. I think it’s pretty fair, and it’s commentary and (neophyte) reporting that you won’t have seen elsewhere. My interest is not necessarily in current majority of the city council, but the way reporting happens, research is done, and how we don’t really get very balanced information from our local media.

You can find my posts on this topic [here][2]. Enjoy. Comment. Then go enjoy this beautiful day.

**UPDATE:** Had a nice email conversation with the article’s author. Seems like a nice guy. :)

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