Storybook snow day

As unimpressive as the reporters (*twice*) were showing me their foot plunged “deep” into 2-inch snow, the actual snowfall that came over the next 36 hours was prodigious. Saturday was a perfect storybook day for the kids. Deep, sticky snow lent itself to snowballs and half a dozen forts. Occasional periods of heavy snowfall; big, fat flakes. Papa out there battling the slightly underpowered snow blower.

More snow fell Saturday night. Church was called off. More play. More snow-blowing. More storybook.

Monday morning found our streets still unplowed, so I declared a snow day for them. You can imagine their heartbreak. You can imagine Helen’s heartbreak.

I made it into work just fine, and I came home to the Hump at the End of the Driveway. Just looking at it was exhausting. A snow blower won’t touch that stuff. It’s been compressed into impermeable blocks by tons of snowplow. I cleared half of it and went in. Tired. Friday was a sixteen hour day at work, and the weekend just kept coming. It’s all a blur. A pleasant blur.

When the kids think of winter in years to come, my guess is it will be this one. There’s always one that leaves its mark. The snow was so high! The flakes we so big! Wonderful.

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