Problems with Blade Nano QX 3D Replacement Motors

We recently got a Blade Nano QX 3D and it’s really quite cool. However, after not really very much flight, and no poor treatment, we had to get replacement motors as one of them just stopped working.

I got official replacements from a local hobby store, but they seem… weaker. We tried both new motors in the front right spot. The motor works but the help can’t get off the ground anymore.

Anyone have ideas on how we can resolve this?

One thought on “Problems with Blade Nano QX 3D Replacement Motors”

  1. I replaced a prop and my nano qx looked like it was doing the same thing as yours. I didn’t realize the props have different pitches, and I had put the wrong one on. After looking carefully at the other props, I switched it out for the right one, and it flies perfectly again.

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