Problems with Vizio Wi-Fi Connected TV? Try this.

For no reason I could think of, one of our Vizio TVs started having lots of problems connecting to the Wi-Fi. Even after a Factory Reset I couldn’t get things like Netflix to work, though I was able to reconnect to Wi-Fi and successfully test the connection.

Looking around on the internet wasn’t a lot of help, but there were two sets of things I founds that were useful… collected here to save someone pain.

First Try

  1. Go to Help and choose Factory Reset
  2. Power down the TV
  3. Disconnect the TV from power (I did this over night… I’ve see as low as one minute recommended, but that seems too little)
  4. Reconnect the TV to power and turn on
  5. Help > Factory Reset again

That restored my ability to connect via Wi-Fi, but widgets still didn’t work, telling me to choose the HDTV Settings widget and set up my connection (which was already set up and working… BAH).

Second Try

  1. Power down TV
  2. Connect TV to you network via wires (for me this meant unplugging everything from the TV and carrying it downstairs next to my router)
  3. Turn on TV
  4. Assuming your network is working, the TV should start a bunch of downloads and updates
  5. When everything seems done, power down
  6. Reconnect everything and power up the TV

You should be able to connect via Wi-Fi and run things like Netflix now.

If this didn’t help, the Yahoo Widget Developer forum had the best information. (Those little apps on your TV are Yahoo Widgets.)

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