Dear Congresswoman McCollum…

Dear Congresswoman McCollum,

Please consider voting no or abstaining from voting on the “Cap and Trade” bill so quickly coming to a vote today.

I have a family of eight in your district. The CBO estimates concerning the financial impact on my family have varied wildly – from $7,000 to $700 for a family of four – with no clear explanation of the reason for the differences. MIT estimates $3,000 for a family of four.

I just can’t afford this kind of brand new cost.

How can I come up with this kind of money? Even if it really was only $1,000 a year, that’s a lot of money for me.

Beside the direct personal cost to me that’s about to be voted on a thousand miles away from your district and mine, it strikes me as obvious that that this will put American production at a disadvantage compared to other nations who do not similarly restrict themselves, and this is a very bad time for our country to become less competitive.

Finally, I suppose it old fashioned of me to wonder if you’ve actually read all 1,000+ pages and if you are certain you approve of all of what’s in there.

On this what will likely be a very busy day for you, I hope you have a moment to consider these things. Again, please consider voting no or abstaining from voting on the “Cap and Trade” bill.


Ken Martin

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