I’ll just post these… you decide.

Two images. Interesting juxtaposition, I think. Especially considering President Obama’s recent words: “It’s with a budget that leads to broad economic growth by moving from an era of borrow and spend to one where we save and invest.” (Emphasis mine.)

First, our projected deficit:

And then this:

Updated: A couple more recent quotes from President Obama… 

“To kick these problems down the road for another four years or eight years, that would be to continue the same irresponsibility that got us to this point.”

“I didn’t run for president to pass on our problems to the next generation, or the next president.”

Apart from the need to dig his predecessor, I do like his words. But when a person buys on credit, they are kicking the financial problem down the road. When the credit obligation being created is has the word “trillion” in it, there’s no way this generation is going to pay it down.

Please spend just a minute thinking about this.

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