So we went on vacation – part one

The last two weeks of August, we had a road trip. Our goal was to make it to South Carolina to visit my dad, and then down to Charleston for a couple of days. Two weeks… ahhhh… enough time to actually relax.

I’ve had all sorts of things I wanted to post, but wasn’t sure how to organize it, so I’m just going to start and see what happens.

I got to leave work the Friday before with that great “the desk is truly cleared” feeling. We had a little too much to do over that weekend, but we got things together pretty well, and Monday morning before 6am we were on the road, and were well into Wisconsin before the sun was actually up. Great start.

I’d loaded up the iPhone with History of Christianity I from Reformed Theological Seminary on iTunes U – awesome stuff – and that kept me occupied while everyone snoozed away the morning.

Our goal was to get to Loiusville, KY where we’d find a room for the night. We were making great time, until…

Helen had a plan. And as the morning progressed and emails were exchanged, we found that we had a stop to make. Near Chicago.

The Martins Invade Jellyfish Labs
The Martins Invade Jellyfish Labs

Yes, Jellyfish Labs, where Phil Vischer (creator of Big Idea… think Veggie Tales) is building a wiggly Jellyfish army with which he’ll rule the world. Actually, he’s building, a Christian, internet-based media network for kids. Excellent stuff, well done, and with a little humor for the grown-ups thrown in. (See, too.)

Post-Jelly Naptime
Post-Jelly Naptime
I expect Helen and the kids will want to write their own blog posts about it, so I won’t tell everything, but we had great time. Absurdly nice people and sneak peeks and puppet shows and I even got to squeeze in a little geek tech talk; something for everyone.

We left saying “That was so GREAT!” about a million times, and then everyone fell asleep again. (Well, except for me. Mostly.) And we made our way to Loiusville. We got there a bit later then we expected and got a couple of rooms at the Fairfield Inn on the north bank of the river, where the nice desk clerk worked hard to get us a good rate. I ran over to McDonald’s to get us some passable burgers and way too many fries (what was I thinking?) and off to bed. So ended day one.

Driving totals:
Ken: 700 miles
Helen: 0 miles

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