“Instant web site?”

In the midst of bringing the first public revision of flyGarmin to a close at work, a friend emailed me and asked if I could whip up an “instant web site” as his new startup company was about to get national attention. I had a week.

So I worked a normal busy day every day that week, and every night I came home and worked on the new site, kept company by my bride and my new John Adams DVDs. It went like this:

First weekend
Assess and install content management system (CMS) packages (Drupal, Joomla, etc.)
Meet and plan; project actually starts
Planning with pencil and paper… no touching the computer until I had a perfectly clear plan
Build the XHTML and CSS framework
Fill in the templates images and colors
Final touches to template and custom javascript enhancements
Install Drupal onto live server; convert template to Drupal; learn to hate Drupal; install Joomla onto live server; convert template to Joomla; learn to use Joomla
Finish polishing Joomla template; add all content, images, and video
Live Monday AM!

It was quite a week, but we got a pretty nice site out of the deal. And the great part was that I was able to make it client-maintainable right from the beginning. Open source is the coolest. I know that folks who love Drupal really love it, and I can tell it’s really powerful, but it just wasn’t “jump-in” intuitive like Joomla.

Oh, the site… weathernation.net. :)

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