890 Wakefield Avenue, Saint Paul is for sale!

We’re finally starting to outgrow our home of 13 years, and so we just put it on the market. You can see the listing here.

Since, like Kip, I love technology, here’s Google’s Street View of our house:

View Larger Map

I’m sure I’ll add more stuff later. :)

UPDATE: OK, here’s some pictures (if this worked)…

UPDATE: This post is now the universe’s most important web page concerning “890 Wakefield Avenue”, sez Google.

UPDATE: Here’s a map of where we are in historic Dayton’s Bluff.

2 thoughts on “890 Wakefield Avenue, Saint Paul is for sale!”

  1. For some reason, the ‘Google Street View’ of your house freaks me out more than “The Thing” in your february 2nd post…Imonna look up MY house!

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