Apropos the “season,” I donned a hideous monster face last Friday evening. I regret that I didn’t have a camera.

I didn’t do it on purpose. I was just eating dinner. But it turned out that the meatballs contained something which caused one of my legendary allergic reactions. There was nothing on the ingredient list which appeared dangerous, but there was something in there. I’m suspecting cottonseed oil, but I have a hard time believing that considering the metric tons of potato chips I eat.

A couple of hours later my hands started to tingle and feel hot. Then my face began to swell and turn red. Within an hour or so I looked quite hideous. The kids stared at me with a quiet, cautious, wondering smile.

A friend drove me to the local ER because even though I was having no difficulty breathing, if I began to I wanted to be near help. (That’s when my allergies can be truly dangerous.) I went through triage, then I sat in the waiting room and watched part of an entirely unedifying movie. About an hour and a half later, I decided to go home. I was still puffy, but the redness was gone. The reaction was fading before I’d ever made it into a room.

I was exhausted the entire weekend. I’m just starting to feel back on my game today.

So there, I broke my blogging silence. Thrilling, eh?

4 thoughts on “Monster”

  1. Oh my gosh! Where did you get the dinner….China?? It was possibly a preservative (of unknown origin:), but keep the label for the future. To people who have never had this happen it looks funny, but it is scary. And don’t you luv ER? ( Just give me the needle man and I’ll shoot myself up!) Five hrs is avg. in many ER’s. *Hmmmm…. so what are your thoughts on ‘socialized medicine’?
    Glad you are better, and I think your office picture is beautiful!!

  2. I was NO WHERE NEAR YOU on Friday, you can’t prove anything. Oh, and I think if we had socialized medicine, you wouldn’t have had this most recent reaction. You would have bought the farm YEARS ago, waiting in line. Glad your o.k.

  3. Thanks you guys… yeah, I’m fine, but it took a couple of days before I had my energy back. It’s funny… I’ve had to travel a bunch lately, so it takes me out of my creature-of-habit routine and I find myself giving the same “no peanuts or I’ll die” story in restaurant after restaurant. Oh well, I can’t be dashingly handsome, brilliantly witty, AND allergy free.

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