gets a facelift

And a whole lot more. :)


I’ve finally switched on a group of changes I’ve been thinking about and working on for a long time. We had a site up, but it was basically straight WordPress, which just didn’t work well for what we were looking for.

Well, it’s still WordPress, but with a much more customized approach.

I decided to separate out what we did on our server and what we leveraged from somewhere else. Now, instead of trying to do our own calendars or use a pay service, I’m using Google Calendar and a nice plug-in for WordPress (which I’ve hacked slightly to serve my purposes). How wonderful to be able to add an event by typing “send Ken a check every second Thursday of the month at 10:30am” and have the system understand it and add it.

I’ve pulled together what I think is a novel use of static pages and categories into a pretty unified navigation system. The overall design is tableless, and (last I checked) valid XHTML and CSS. The CSS is virtually hack free with the exception of a conditional CSS inclusion for older IE due to their hideous treatment of overflow:visible. I can remove that later if I want to do a bit of a rework; we’ll see. I think I’d like to add a pre-IE6-era css file for simple display for folks with very old browsers; I’ll be keeping an eye on traffic stats to see if it’s worthwhile.

We’ll be podcasting Sunday messages shortly; just a plug-in and some set up. I have the audio already. The hardest part will be tracking down titles, references, and descriptions. (But it won’t be that hard.) Video is being served from and stored at Google Video (their server space, their professionally maintained cross platform player).

I’ll post a more detailed technical rundown on that site with links and comments. Time will tell, but I think we’ve landed on something we can really do some good stuff with.

If you have comments on the new site, I’d love to hear them. Use the email address on the site, or the comments here.

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