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Inspired by the very cool work at [](, I’ve started to put together a vocabulary tool using their freely available, incredibly portable code. It’s just started, and I’m trying to find a source for the vocabulary words in order of frequency of occurrence, but at least you can give it a little run and see what you think.

[Ken’s Greek Vocabulary Tool](

Just choose a frequency range (I’ve purposely grouped it into tracks as they appears on Pennington’s [*New Testament Greek Vocabulary Guide*][cd] CDs), and then click “memorize” next to the word “definition”. There’s a flash card mode and a matching mode, both available from the bottom of the table. I only have about words down to about 100 occurrences right now.

Feedback appreciated in the comments here.

5 thoughts on “Free Koine Greek Vocabulary Help”

  1. Hey, Papa. I don’t care at all about reading Greek, but your blog is still nice. I’ve a question for you though. Why don’t the people that visit your blog ever visit mine? Hey, that’s an idea. So, how many of you blog readers have visited my blog. If you haven’t, shame on you, and also my blog address is So visit if you want, but you will want to again once you visit once.

  2. Hmph… probably not, Charlie. It’s my greatest weakness in learning Greek. I suppose because it’s the thing where there are no tricks. It’s really a matter of spending the actual time memorizing the actual words. I made my little vocab tool to make the job a little easier, but it is in effect no better a tool than flash cards or anything else as long as it’s actually used.

  3. Try AMG’s The Complete Word Study Dictionary New Testament by Dr. Spiros Zodhiates. Learning Greek from a Greek is much better than learning Greek from someone English speaking. Dr. Zodhiates thankfully took me on as a student five years ago and I have learned so much! AMG also offers Bible Essentials which is the CD version with Dr. Z’s James commentary (he does word for word from the Greek translating) and much more. You can get it through Christian books or AMGpublishers. He has a whole collection of commentaries and an Old Testament set.

  4. I am looking for a translation from English to Koine??? “Give because He gave” Are you able to help me? This is for a tattoo so it needs to be accurate. I am currently taking Ancient Greek and will transition into Koine eventually, and don’t want to even attempt this translation by myself. Thank you:)

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