On the way to ballet

Anna talks non-stop during the whole drive to her ballet class. This evening she was cheerfully chattering…

“…and I think that it should be a law that you have to read the *whole* Bible before you start a church. That way there wouldn’t be any Catholics or Lutherans. Only Baptists.”

“No, honey, they’ve read the whole Bible. Sometimes people just have some different ideas about what they see there.”


“Yes, dear.”

Long pause.

“***Ob***viously they have some misunderstandings.”

7 thoughts on “On the way to ballet”

  1. Born Lutheran, registered Catholic, heading towards southern Baptist. :) All you have to see there is Jesus…the reason for every season. Happy Thanksgiving from the south!

  2. What makes this especially funny is that we aren’t even Baptists. She probably thinks we are since we attend a Baptist church and she and her brothers attend a Baptist school; but we aren’t “registered” Anythings.

  3. This is your is your Eldest Son, I’m handing the wheel over to Anna for a second to let her comment. (P.S. I’m not typing what you’re about to hear, mainly because I don’t know what she’s going to say and I don’t want to be accused of typing what she thinks.

    This is Anna, Thanks alot for sharing that with the public.

    (P.S. DELETE IT NOW!!! Kenny is letting me use his E Mail Adress.)

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