When’s the last time you were called “honky”?

It was last Saturday afternoon for me. This Rotten Little Girl decided she was going to use the street in front of my house for her own Jerry Springer set and beat up a smaller girl. I got in between them before it got anywhere and tried to send them on their separate ways. But the Rotten Little Girl decided to try to lunge around me and try and get the other girl again. Again, Helen and I broke it up and I walked Rotten away telling that next it will be the police. “I’m gonna tell my mom!” “Yes, *please* tell your mom! I want to talk to her!” She kept walking away, then bellowed out “Honky!” I cracked up.

Rotten seems to be new to the neighborhood. Perhaps a feral child. I came home today to see her laughing as she rode a small bike down the middle of the street (we have sidewalks). A little boy was trying to chase her from a few houses down, presumably a little brother. The poor kid ran over a block with no mercy or resolution in sight. I realized what was happening too late to do anything.

What do you do about a little beast like that? She plainly can’t be trusted to be around people. Not without supervision, which is seems plainly lacking in her life. No, her progenitors (yes, I’m withholding the word “parents”) are making the bed and fluffing the pillow in her future jail cell. Or middle-teen pregnancy. And the cycle will continue.

What do you do? I try to engage them when possible, but that’s rare and largely impotent. Raising *my* kids right seems to be my primary task. Of course, once I’ve raised them right, it’ll probably be their tax money supporting her. Sigh.

It’s so sad. She started soft and wiggly. Maybe not quite Locke’s tabula rasa, but still a little person fresh from God, full of potential, waiting to start to understand meaning and purpose, right and wrong. What the heck was her spirit “fed”? The tasteless bread of **self**ishness, perhaps; the empty carbs of the soul? It all puts me in kind of an Ecclesiastes mood.

2 thoughts on “When’s the last time you were called “honky”?”

  1. Don’t you take that ‘Honky’ stuff, Son. I raised you better than that! Next time, yell at her…..’there is NO Santa and NO Easter Bunny’!!!!! (kidding:)

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