PhpMyAdmin config error… AUGH!

Imagine a fresh install of MySQL, ( PHP, and phpMyAdmin which didn’t work. MySQL is running in Terminal just fine. PHP is cranking along nicely. But phpMyAdmin steadfastly refused to run:

> Probably reason of this is that you did not create configuration file. You might want to use setup script to create one.
> Error
> MySQL said:
> 1045 – Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Run the setup script. Nothing. /config world-writable? Yes. Try manually editing the /config/ with various recommended basics. Still no love.

The missing step? **Move the out of the /config directory to the root level of phpMyAdmin!**

…sigh… I didn’t see that written anywhere. Why doesn’t the successful “setup script” tell me to do that? Not too mention that the setup script will report “New server added” when in fact config/ only got created, not written to.

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