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“Pressure Point Massage”

Today local talk radio host [Joe Soucheray][1] got his hair cut by a friend of ours, [Veronica][3]. He discussed it on-air.

[Here is the mp3.][2]
[Here’s the wav file, for those not in this century.][4]

If you have trouble with the mp3 link:

– Mac users, control-click and choose “Open in iTunes”
– PC users, right-click and choose “Save to Disk”

Note to self: It looks like WebStar messes up the mime when serving mp3s. Mimes of the world, revolt!


Work in a different era

As much as I like to play with technology, I often feel like I belong to a different era. I’m sure that’s in part because I only have a limited and overly positive view of times past, but I think there’s something else to it, too.

A few days ago, I went to work with one of my clients. He’s an older man who’s on the tail end of a successful career, still ambitious enough to be developing a small but growing internet business.

“Ken, my boy!” he greeted me. We worked on a number of issues and improvements concerning his web site. No stress. We were working together. I made money; he got what he needed; everyone came out better.

Afterward we went out to lunch across the street at a small restaurant and antique store. The ladies’ Red Hat Club was there chattering away. It’s a small town. Everyone seems to know, and be on good terms with, everyone else.

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I got a goat

My mom is cool. For Christmas, she donated a [dairy goat][1] in our name via [Samaritan’s Purse][2]. It will supply milk, butter, and cheese, and the “surplus can be sold to pay for other essentials like medicine and schooling”. Very cool.


The old site is (almost) dead

I’ll be transitioning to this WordPress driven site over the next weeks. You can find the old stuff [here][1]. It will just be a lot easier and more fun to have a simpler interface. Hopefully that means I can post more content and think less about the code. We’ll see. :)