You’d think I was addicted


I got myself another [Koine Greek grammar book][1]. This one was on the church discount new-but-scratch-and-dent cart, so I at least got a good deal on it. It’s been fun finding so many additional Koine Greek resources lately (like the [free iTunesU classes][2] I noted earlier), but it can be a little confusing.

Each of these authors and teachers brings their unique perspective to understanding the language, and sometimes their little memory trick or their explanation serves to mess up something I had solid in my head.

But far more often it just reinforces “Oh yeah, I know that,” and sometimes there’s just a little turn of the phrase that gels something together I hadn’t had together before. Which is nice.

The grammar is coming along pretty nicely for me, and I think I have charting mostly figured out (both grammatical and syntactical), so the big thing I’d like to nail in the next months is vocabulary.

2 thoughts on “You’d think I was addicted”

  1. Help me son. I’m aging and I need to know the ‘pure’ meanings in the Word. Keep it simple, tell it slowly, with a smile and a soft tone. Carry on. Good job. You amaze me! Lovingly, Your fan.

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