Intermediate Greek – Class 5


There’s only one unpleasant thing about my Greek class: the parking. There’s a dreadful lack of parking. And surly, uninformed lot attendants stand guard on the only nearby lot, where we are supposed to have sufficient spaces. Grrr. Time to give Bethlehem Baptist a call and see if they can allow us in again.

We went over nominatives, vocatives, and accusatives, and got up to speed on a new set of worksheets that we’re going to be using for a while. Looks like good stuff. Did OK on the test. (Look! English can carry the subject in the verb, too!)

[Here][1] is the audio of the class. Complete with me complaining about the paper in the ESV, as I’m [wont to do][2]. No, it’s not worth downloading just for that. iTunes subscribers will get this automatically.

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