Christmas treat

Here’s #3 on Christmas morning a couple of years ago. It’s a [QuickTime][3] video and you can download a [large file][1] or [small file][2], depending on how fast your internet connection is. “Goodness goodness gracious!”


2 thoughts on “Christmas treat”

  1. Hilarious! Both of our kids (expecting a third in May) received 96-count Crayola boxes for Christmas and it was definitely a major hit. Hope you’re all well.

  2. ADAM! Nice to “see” you. I’m as well as I get!

    A third kid, eh? Excellent! From my perspective, that was the biggest change. Being outnumbered. “You take that one, I’ll take this one” will never be quite enough, anymore.

    It’s still great in its own way, just different. :)

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